China's machinery and equipment manufacturing industry and the distance is narrowing

According to the German Machinery Manufacturers Association announced the latest statistics, in 2004, due to strong global demand for investment goods, the world's machinery and equipment output growth of 10%, reaching 110 billion euros. Europe, Asia and the Americas three regions dominate the world machinery and equipment market. Among them, the European machinery and equipment output value of 430 billion euros.

  In 2004, the output value of machinery and equipment in Asia grew fastest, with total output value of 335 billion euros, significantly higher than the Americas (282 billion euros). However, the United States is the world's largest producer of machinery and equipment, with an annual output value of 240 billion euros, ahead of Japan's second (185 billion euros). China to 77 billion euros to continue to maintain the world's fourth largest machinery and equipment manufacturing power, and with the third in Germany (150 billion euros) to further narrow the gap. But unlike European countries and Japan, US and Chinese machinery and equipment are mainly produced for their own markets.

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