China 's chemical machinery and equipment into a healthy development of new track

According to the China Chemical Equipment Association predicted that along with the oil and chemical industry, "Eleventh Five-Year" period will continue to grow rapidly, China's chemical machinery industry in the next few years will usher in a new period of development.

 At present, in the oil and chemical industry investment in the growing situation, the Chinese chemical machinery industry to meet the oil and chemical industry demand for new changes, is quietly from the expansion of the quality of the new round of strategic change. China Petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment Industry Association experts recently pointed out that China's chemical machinery industry has long been at the edge of losses, modern large-scale petrochemical equipment imports is caused by the industry's economic efficiency is one of the main reasons. However, China's chemical machinery industry in 2004 ushered in the ups and downs of production and sales booming, in one fell swoop to reverse the industry-wide loss situation. The main reason: first of all domestic and foreign markets for oil and chemical equipment demand; followed by technological progress to enhance the economic benefits of the whole industry; third is the industry restructuring and corporate restructuring progress.

 According to 2004 ~ 2005 China Chemical Machinery Market Research Annual Report shows that from the demand structure, the current petrochemical machinery, plastic machinery and other demand potential is still great. It can be said that the chemical industry in the hardships, the economic benefits will maintain steady growth, is expected to end the long-term loss situation, began to benign development changes.

 Industry experts, since last year, with the international crude oil prices, oil refining enterprises to improve the process of refining the light oil yield, set off the construction or transformation of oil hydrogenation unit climax. It is reported that at present, China has more than 100 sets of hydrogenation unit, and the second half of 2004 to the first half of 2005 in the construction and new hydrogenation unit has 45 sets. The domestic hydrogenation device demand suddenly enlarged, so that equipment manufacturers appear in short supply situation. In 2004 a lot of chemical machinery manufacturing enterprises received a large number of orders for many years, product sales increased significantly in the first half of this year and increased by 30%. Obviously, the petrochemical industry to the development of chemical machinery industry provides a strong support.

 In the strong growth in demand, the economic benefits improved at the same time, China's oil and chemical machinery and equipment industry in recent years in independent research and development also achieved greater results, cultivate a certain market competitiveness. Such as China's own design and manufacture of 3.5 million tons / year heavy oil catalytic cracking device in Dalian Petrochemical a feeding test success, marking China since the independent intellectual property rights of the complete set of catalytic cracking technology, with a world-class large-scale catalytic cracking plant engineering design, Production and construction strength; Hangzhou Oxygen Factory design and manufacture of ethylene cold box in Yanhua 710,000 tons / year ethylene plant successfully put into operation, to achieve a large ethylene cold box made, reached the international advanced level by the Hefei General Machinery Research Institute Commitment to the country's major technology and equipment of domestic innovation project --- 1 million cubic meters of natural gas cans developed successfully, to fill the domestic blank. Not long ago, the State Major Equipment Office Sui Yongbin and other domestic equipment manufacturing industry leaders and experts on the spot inspection of the Chinese valve town --- Zhejiang Yongjia County, the valve manufacturing equipment development positioning in the oil and chemical industry, The market demand for large high temperature, high pressure and high parameters of the development and production of large valve equipment is quite appreciated. In this regard, Sinopec Ningbo Engineering Company, a person in charge of hope that the domestic chemical machinery manufacturing enterprises according to demand, as soon as possible to adjust the product structure, enhance the technical content to meet the needs of advanced, large and complex projects.

 In the long run, the next few years the domestic chemical machinery market will maintain a more optimistic development trend. Some experts believe that the next five years, refining and ethylene will become the leading petrochemical industry and the core of China's chemical machinery industry will show seven major trends: the traditional brand-name products will still receive a higher market share, such as large-scale synthetic ammonia And urea equipment in the high-pressure containers and other major equipment; petrochemical enterprises energy-saving technological transformation and product restructuring needs of the equipment will have greater room for development; energy efficient unit equipment will have a great market; environmental protection equipment development and innovation will become a chemical Equipment, such as rubber equipment in the tire stereotypes vulcanizing machine and other exports have a good prospect, the main equipment of the radial tire, the export of large-scale petrochemical equipment, There is a clear price advantage in the alternative to imports; oil and chemical products storage and transportation equipment will receive a specific market share.

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