Development Status of Domestic Construction Machinery and Equipment Leasing Industry

For a long time, the status quo of the construction machinery machinery and equipment subordinate to the construction enterprises to serve the construction of the enterprise for the purpose, resulting in low utilization of machinery and equipment, poor investment situation. At the same time the purchase of machinery and equipment enterprises are almost similar to repeat the serious investment, resulting in a serious backlog of social assets. Serious aging machinery and equipment, idle equipment has become a heavy burden on the construction enterprises, limiting the development of machinery and equipment and progress. After the establishment of the socialist market economic system, we must pay attention to the investment efficiency of the equipment. To make the construction machinery socialization, we must establish a mechanical and equipment social leasing market as soon as possible, in order to make up the fixed assets of machinery and equipment, reflecting the investment effect, improve the utilization of machinery and equipment to achieve the purpose of mechanical upgrading. The establishment of the social leasing market of machinery and equipment can improve the management, use, maintenance and maintenance of mechanical equipment, which is conducive to reducing consumption, saving manpower, material resources and financial resources. It is conducive to carrying out technical training and international exchanges to improve its own quality.

 However, due to many factors, the development of machinery and equipment leasing industry has been severely constrained.

(1) the macro management of the leasing industry, the lack of a unified centralized sector.

 The current leasing industry by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, the People's Bank, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, the State Administration for Industry and other departments of the management, decentralization, responsibility is not clear, prone to mutual friction, mutual prevarication phenomenon, it is difficult to harmonize policy, So that China's leasing industry management into a real "vacuum zone". On the contrary, China's leasing industry so far there is no close ties with the government departments, the leasing company's business management and information to coordinate, guide, communicate, service leasing industry associations.

(2) the lack of leasing laws to protect the normal development of the leasing industry, resulting in long-term rental industry in the "can not follow, no rules to follow" the environment.

 At present, there is no system of leasing in our country aimed at guaranteeing the legitimate rights and interests of the leasing parties. Only in the "Economic Contract Law", "General Principles of Civil Law", the relevant documents of the Ministry of Finance and professional banks to develop their own financial leasing approach has some simple rules, far from the real needs of the leasing industry. Leasing industry can not follow, the lease contract parties do not have a unified code of conduct, the legal rights of the lease contract is difficult to be effectively protected. In the project bidding, credit review, the leasing industry's legitimacy has not been protected, seriously hindered the normal operation of our leasing industry and healthy development.

 (3) lack of financial tax policy to support the development of the leasing industry.

 Foreign to support the development of leasing business, most of the implementation of financial tax incentives. And China will be long-term leasing financing as a loan in the tax as general business practices, the general bank does not accept the leasing industry mortgage and bank credit guarantee, the insurance industry is not involved in the leasing industry insurance work, which has become a rental market Normal development obstacles.

 (4) the current type of leasing business is relatively simple, basically limited to the general import finance leasing and concurrent physical leasing.

 In the financial leasing, such as rent, export leasing and other business almost did not carry out. In the physical leasing business is also rarely carried out to rent and sell business. The reasons for the single form of leasing are multidimensional, the bondage of the state-owned assets management system, the credit of the seller's credit and credit insurance, the creditworthiness of the rental media and the fear of the state-owned economy. The most obvious is that the manufacturer only sells The phenomenon of rent and foreign similar enterprises have a clear gap. These reasons have clamped on the diversification of leasing in China.

 ⑸ arrears of rent is very serious, leading to leasing company cash flow difficulties.

 According to the information, as of the end of 1994, 17 Chinese and foreign joint venture leasing companies were owed rents reached 600 million US dollars. The huge rent arrears made the leasing companies into a serious business dilemma. With the establishment of China's market economic system and gradually improve, I believe that China's leasing industry as a new industry, will be able to shoulder the responsibility of history, continue to grow and develop.

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