City Economic Information Committee leadership went to Songjiang District, intelligent manufacturing

Today (22), deputy director of the Municipal Economic Information Committee Huang Ou to Songjiang District, intelligent manufacturing and high-end equipment industry development. Songjiang District Vice Mayor Chen Xiaofeng attended the seminar.

Huang Ou, deputy director of a line of real-time view of the Chint Electric Co., Ltd. manufacturing workshop, listened to the company on the development of intelligent manufacturing report; research Shanghai Wei Ben Intelligent Electrical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., listened to the company's intelligent manufacturing system integration business development Brief introduction; visited the G60 Shanghai Songjiang Branch corridor planning exhibition hall.

Huang Ou, deputy director of the Songjiang District, intelligent manufacturing and high-end equipment industry to obtain the results of affirmation, and do the next stage of the work put forward three recommendations: First, through the demand side pull, while through policy support, the formation of the driving force. The use of Songjiang advantages, to fight the production and research chain, give priority to promote the advantages of the industry's intelligent transformation; the second is to strengthen the urban linkage, focus on the advantages of resources, the formation of promoting together to create a number of leading intelligent manufacturing system solutions provider and Demonstration of intelligent factories; third is to strengthen the industry and financial docking to support enterprise development.

Zhengtai Electric Co., Ltd. around the process automation and workshop management information, and actively build high-end transformers intelligent manufacturing workshop. Shanghai Wei Ben Intelligent Electrical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. provides intelligent manufacturing overall solution, the main business including stamping and welding intelligent, mechanical processing and assembly of intelligent, general industrial intelligence, marine and marine manufacturing intelligent, industrial robots Remanufacturing and service.

City Economic Information Committee of the equipment industry, the Department of Policies and Regulations, the Department of comprehensive planning, technological progress, research and other relevant comrades to participate in research.

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