FF-420Q Selective laser melting technology (SLM)


Selective laser melting (SLM) is an innovative rapid prototyping manufacturing process. After 3D CAD drawings are processed by special software, many parameters such as layering, laser path, laser power and scanning speed are generated. After all kinds of parameters are introduced into the equipment, the industrial computer is used as the core control system to control the optical system with high precision and high transmittance to sweep the laser beam generated by the fiber laser on the molding plane, and the metal powder in the scanning part absorbs the laser energy to melt and mold, and the precision screw rod controls the molding platform to descend, and the powder spreading device spreads the powder again, and the laser scans again, and the high-quality workpiece is finally obtained.
The workpiece is made of metal powder of 15 -45 microns after complete melting in a strictly controlled inert gas protection environment. When scanning in layers, the molding thickness of each layer varies from 20 microns to 100 microns. The formed workpiece can achieve good mechanical properties and compactness.
FF-420Q (metal 3D printer) is a brand-new product, which is compatible with different specifications of powder, and the molding environment has low oxygen content. It is also equipped with efficient bidirectional powder spreading technology and variable speed powder spreading, which improves the molding efficiency by more than 50%. Z-axis closed-loop system, ultra-high precision, positioning accuracy of 5 microns. High-efficiency atmosphere control system, automatic oxygen content and pressure control, automatic detection of filter life, automatic switching after exhaustion.
Machine parameters >

Buliding volume


Hot bed temperature


Powder spreading method

Up-feeding and two-way powder spreading

Equipment power


Power supply type

380V three-phase NPE

Laser type

1064nm fiber laser

Number of lasers

4, 6 and 8 lasers are optional

Laser power


Vibrating mirror type

Grating type high-precision digital encoder vibrating mirror

Focused spot

0.05-0.2mm adjustable

Scanning speed


Gas shield

Argon and nitrogen 5L/min

Circulatory system

0-9m/min, multi-layer air curtain protection

Powder spreading layer thickness


Filter system

The filtration efficiency of particles larger than 0.1 μ m is 99.9%, and the life of filter element is not less than 20,000 hours

Scanning mode

Checkerboard grid, honeycomb hexagonal grid, octagonal grid, strips, parallel lines, etc.

Z axis resolution


Scanning accuracy

The scanning repetitive positioning accuracy is ≤ 2 μ rad; Linearity 99.9%, range 20%, proportional drift: 8PPM/℃

Printable material

Stainless steel, titanium alloy, die steel, cobalt-chromium alloy, aluminum alloy and other metal materials

Model processing software

FastLayer supports STL model processing, model layout and transformation, and automatically repairs the model

Slicing software

FastLayer, support thickness 0.02-0.1mm, material parameter library, multiple scanning modes selection, parameter library development

Control software

FastFab, with operation authority control, process guidance and online monitoring

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