Fastform 3D Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 2016 with its core founders from well-known domestic and foreign scientific research institutes for 3D printing. The company has been committed to the market-oriented application of 3D printing equipment, providing professional additive manufacturing application solutions for aerospace, high-performance industrial manufacturing, mold manufacturing, precision medical care and other fields. All the equipments have completed CE certification and are exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia.

Li Shuai Founder/CEO
- Nanyang Technological University-Mechanical and Aerospace Major-Doctor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology-Metal 3D Printing-Doctor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology-Material Forming and Control-Undergraduate
- Studied under the research group of Professor Shi Yusheng of Huake, the earliest research group on 3D printing in China, and have rich technical accumulation and technical and personal resources of the research group.
- Continuous entrepreneur, who has worked as founder, CTO, product process development, market development, etc.
- Has more than 10 3D printed academic articles, nearly 10 invention patents and one academic work.
- In 2017, the first person in China with fully independent property rights for double-head SLM printing equipment.
- In 2020, the first batch of fully autonomous four-head SLM equipment developers in China.
- In 2021, the first batch of fully autonomous eight-head SLM equipment developers in China.
Chen Zhichao Co-founder/chief software architect CIO, CSA
- Huazhong University of Science and Technology-Material Processing Engineering-Doctor, Loughborough University, UK -Mechanical Engineering- Doctor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology-Material Forming and Control Engineering-Undergraduate.
- Continuous entrepreneur, who has been a precision software designer of Guosheng, an easy-to-decorate three-dimensional software engineer, and the chief engineer of Midea Lightspeed Software.
- More than 10 years of software and control system technology development.
- 10+ items of software copyright, and many academic articles on 3D printing control algorithm. Write
- 400,000 lines of software code alone, and create original large-size splicing interface enhancement algorithm and parallel multithreading algorithm.
- China metal SLM-3D printing software independently developed by the first person (slicing algorithm+process control).
- "Huake-Zhang Xiaolong" in the field of 3D printing software
Weidong Li Chief electrical engineer
Bachelor of Communication Engineering from Information Engineering University of the People's Liberation Army, once worked as FAE field application engineer in WLBG Nokia production line and iDPBG iPhone production line at Foxconn; As a test engineer in Tengyao, Shenzhou, he has participated in the development of UAT test machine for iPhone test production line, OIS research of Nokia Lab and Dual Camera Project of Nokia Lab.

In 2014, he was engaged in the development of 3D printing technology, responsible for the development of electronic control parts, including FDM printers, SLA printers, DLP printers, SLM metal printers and other electronic control designs, and accumulated a lot of theoretical and practical experience in the 3D printing industry.
Xia Qing Strategic partner
Beihang University-Materials Science-Master. He has served as project manager of Nanjing Zhongke Yuchen Laser +3D Printing, vice president (sponsor representative) of AVIC Securities Investment Bank, investment director of TF Securities, and CSO- core partner of Guanghui Laser. 10 years experience in industry and management, 10 years experience in laser technology, industry, market and strategy. Presided over the market, strategy and capital operation of laser, laser equipment and other projects, and accumulated 1 billion+financing.

Constantly pursuing technological innovation
Leading the development of 3D printing industry

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