Let 3D printing 

Directly enter industrial production

Fastform 3D Technology Co., Ltd. is referred to as "FastForm" in English, and its core founders are all from well-known scientific research institutions of 3D printing. The company has been committed to the market-oriented application of 3D printing equipment, providing efficient and affordable 3D printing comprehensive solutions for industrial enterprises, scientific research and education. Customers are widely spread in aerospace, automobile industry, medical care, education and other fields. All the equipments have completed CE certification, and the products are exported at domestic and abroad.

Equipment products

Industrial grade metal additive manufacturing equipment provides users with metal additive manufacturing

  • Medical field
  • Mould production
  • Craft ornaments
  • Aerospace
Global users

R&D capability

The core team is studying and studying in top foreign 3D printing laboratories.

Research, master the core algorithm, structure design and control of software independently.

Program to provide a steady stream of creativity for R&D.

Technical support

365 days, 24 hours after sales, production and research for customers. Development provides a complete set of technical solutions for 3D printing. For aerospace, health Provide application guidance for biomedical, automobile mold, ship and other industries.

Industrial integration

Relying on the strength of listed companies Set production, research and development services in one, get through the industry. Upstream and downstream barriers maximize product value.